Our Instruments

Mondello "Blue"

Mondello "Blue" banjo as my main axe. This banjo was built for me in 2013 by my dear friend Vinnie Mondello and was inspired by the Scott Chinery blue guitar collection.

Ray Templin's percussion equipment

Custom made by West Coast Drum Shop:

toms - 6x6",10x7",14x14" - 18x 15" bass - all single head, Ludwig 1950 piccolo snare 3x13" Aquarian Modern Vintage thin head

Cymbals used on various tracks:

14" Zildian medium hats @ 1980s, 14" thin Chins crash, unstamped @ 1920s, 16" Zildian thin crash @ 1940s, 16" Zildian medium crash w/ 4 rivets @ 1990s, 17" Wuhan medium China w/ 8 rivets @ 1980s, 20" Zildian medium ride @ 1960s, 22" medium China, unstamped @ 1930s

Leedy wood block and cowbell (pitch concert G) @ 1920s, Ludwig temple blocks @ 1930s, Rhythm Tech Studio shaker

Evan Dain's Bass

A '52 Kay that is a high-school rescue instrument. Roto-Sound RS4000 nylon strings, and a Fishman Full-Circle pickup. After removing some of the major expletives, Evan had the luthier install extra padding and a bit more room for comfort.

microphones used in recording the Great Banjo Summit

Recording Equipment

All string instruments were recorded using vintage Neumann U-47 and U-67 vacuum tube microphones. Microphone preamps were a combination of Neve 1066's and the onboard preamps on the Trident Series 80 console. Vocals were recorded using a Neumann U-67 tube mic through a  Neve 1066 preamp, a Pultec EQP 1A3 equalizer, and a Summit TLA 100A compressor.  With the exception of vocal overdubs, all recording of instruments was tracked live with very, very minimal "fixing" in post. Tracking was done on the iZ Technologies Radar hard disc system. Mixing of the multi track masters was done manually through the Trident 80 console and used original UREI 1176LN and LA3a dynamics processing. Monitoring was via Genelec 1031A's.

"Thanks for the opportunity to work on this project. Great players all !"

~ Jim Brady